Daily bunches with delivery

Each weekday we create a gorgeous bunch of flowers from the best and freshest available at the market.

We'll show it to you on our website and Facebook page.

Place an order by phone or through the website before 1pm and we will ensure the bunch is delivered that day by 6pm.

We make it simple and you can see exactly what you are buying!

Bunches are wrapped with their own moisture pack to keep them fresh. We also include a sachet of flower food to maximise the life of your flowers.

If the recipient is not home when the flowers are delivered, we will find a suitable protected spot for them and leave a message in the letterbox.

Our bunches come in two sizes:

Our standard bunch at $40 and our larger, double sized bunch at $75.

Remember, delivery is included!

Standing Orders

Keep your home or workplace filled with fresh flowers, without having to worry about what is in season, what goes with what and if the flowers are fresh.

With a standing order, we take care of it for you. You choose the size of the bunch and how often you would like your flowers delivered and we ensure you receive your fresh bunches as requested.

If you would like to set up a standing order, please email us at
info@justbecause.co.nz or call Liz on 022 357 3657


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