Seed Bombs - Bee Blend


Seed Bombs - Bee Blend

Save the disappearing bee population with these super-easy-to-grow wildflower seed bombs.

Lob it, Toss it, Plant it......  then just let it do it's magic!
Attracts bees, provides a habitat for pollinators and adds colour to any garden.

Bee Blend:  Cornflower, Echium, Phacelia, Poppy, Red Clover, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Thyme.

Packaged in a reusable organic muslin cloth bag (NO PLASTIC!), there are 6 large seed bombs in each pack.
You don't need to "plant" seed bombs, they are designed to break up in the rain and already contain all the nutrients and organic material needed to support germination and success of the plants.  Just "throw and grow".

Please note: Seed Bombs are available as 'add ons' to are flower order and are not available for delivery on their own

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